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PowerPC boot images

I have been trying to get woody to boot on my RS/6000 43P.  The default
ISO for potato seemed to work except for one of the SCSI drivers.  I found
that using SYM53C8xx driver instead of the NCR53C8xx driver cleared up
this problem.  The latter of the two got stuck in an infinite
init->abort->init... loop.  Having built my own 2.4 kernel for use on my
system I am now only having trouble getting it to load the initial
ramdisk.  At boot time it isn't even trying to load the ramdisk despite my
args.  At this, I am wondering how I may make my image like that of the
PPC boot and burn it to an ISO image.  Have I missed the documentation
when looking?  Any help with how to generate a basic ISO for a network
install would be much appreciated.


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