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Re: updatedb+checksecurity are killing my battery

> > That's what pwrctl-local is good for, now isn't it?
> But you could include this suggestion as an example pwrctl-local?

Sure, but I'd rather stick the examples in /usr/share/doc.

> I have another problem, I had to put ifup and ifdown in my pwrctl-local.
> Do you think this belongs there or would it be a good idea to put
> "ifdown -a" and "ifup -a" in pwrctl?

Why is this necessary? What machine is that on? If it's not something that
applies to a whole family of machines (essentially, to all machines with a
particular pmu version) it goes in pwrctl-local.

> > Holding off on cron while on battery is a good idea, but I won't introduce
> > a dependency on anacron for it. If it's just a matter of adding
> > on_ac_power to /usr/bin, fine (a dependency on perl is pretty much what
> > you can't escape with Debian).
> You could add a test "[-x /usr/sbin/anacron] && exit" or something like
> that into on_ac_power and not a dependency but a suggest for anacron.

1) on_ac_power looked like a perl script to me, and 2) it won't call
anacron or something like it, just provide a way for anacron to determine
the power state (if I understand the source right; I've not seen any docs
that's why I asked). So again - is addition of that script enough to make
anacron power aware?


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