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Re: Mozilla problems after testing update this morning?

I've had the same problem. I've found that the 'esddsp' program is broken.
I commented out about three lines which deal with esddsp in
/usr/bin/mozilla, and it works. I submitted a bug a little while ago, and
have gotten no respose (BUG #120829 of package esound-clients). I've
noticed that running `ls | esddsp` does not work in certain directories.
It is mysterious.

-Nathan Conrad

On Sat, 1 Dec 2001, Wilhelm *Rafial* Fitzpatrick wrote:

> After doing an apt-get dist-upgrade on my TiBook running testing 
> (with mozilla installed from unstable) this morning, Mozilla will no 
> longer launch from the gnome panel, or from the command line when 
> typing just "mozilla".  Looking at the output of ps in both cases 
> shows that the mozilla-bin --remote  command that is supposed to look 
> for an existing instance appears to be hanging and not timing out (I 
> assume it is supposed to time out... Otherwise how would the mozilla 
> launch script get to the step of starting a new instance?).  I tried 
> upgrading from mozilla 0.9.5 which I was running to 0.9.6 and it 
> still behaves the same way.
> I can start mozilla by invoking mozilla-bin directly, but clearly all 
> is not well.
> Has anybody else seen this problem?
> -wil
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