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2.4.x kernel crashing

Hey everyone,

I've written about this before, but I've specific questions now ;-) 

I'm running stock 2.4.16, self compiled, on a Beige G3/266, with KDE as my 
window manager. I get random crashes with any 2.4.x kernel. I would like to 
use xmon to figure out what's wrong so that I can get it fixed, but I can't 
see the terminal/console because when I crash, the top portion of my screen 
becomes artifacts that I can't read (the rest of it is dead). I can't switch 
to another console, but at the very least, at the top of the screen, I get a 
blinking cursor that I know is in a shell mode with xmon. I want to record 
this xmon info to a file, which I tried, but it didn't save. I don't know 
where to get documentation on xmon so I can figure out how to save to a file 
(since I'm unable to read the screen). 

Can anyone help?



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