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Antw: Re: PowerPC boot images

>>> Shaun Kruger <shaun@linuxhost.cc> 03.12.2001  15.56 Uhr >>>
> If you would like a cross compile environment you can go to
> http://linuxhost.cc/~shaun/powerpc.tar.gz and that has the build
> environment we use at work.

Thank you very much! I'm downloading it right now. In fact, we only
have an ISDN link at work :-(.

> prompt with "load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=1 root=/dev/initrd" with this

Try "root=/dev/ram" instead. If this does not work, you might also try
putting "/dev/fd0" as root instead. It should work when you also pass
the "load_ramdisk=1" parameter.

> Let me know if you find anything.  I worked all weekend on this and I
> barely got it panicing over no root filesystem.  Good luck.

Somehow the RS/6000 does not boot from diskette any more :-(. Since my
last tries with Linux, I have booted the freshly-installed AIX.
Unfortunately, I get no login prompt on the serial console, and the
machine does not seem to have an IP address set :(.


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