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Re: iBook2 touch pad mouse

On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, John Hughes wrote:

> I may be speaking too soon.....so forgive me, BUT, just invoking:
> trackpad notap
> Has caused the whole thing to behave very nicely. No more jitteryness and 
> jumping around. I am going to be truely happy if this actually cures my 
> iBook2's retched trackpad. Thank you very much.

My TiBook's trackpad is quite sensitive as well.  I also can't stand the
"double tap=click" thing, so I've been using the trackpad command quite a
bit and it works very well.  Now, if I can only get my hands into proper
typing position so that I'm not touching the pad and moving the cursor all
around when I type :-P

I've also found that some of the mouse acceleration settings in KDE make
the trackpad virtually unusable (it just gets too sensitive for even my
slender fingers).  If you haven't already, try either reducing or
disabling the mouse acceleration and see if that helps too.


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