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Re: Woody floppy install on OldWorld Mac

On   2 Dec, this message from Kevin van Haaren echoed through cyberspace:
>>>Hi, everyone.  I'm trying to install Woody onto a Performa 6400/180 
>>>that runs MacOS 8.1 on an HFS-formatted disk.  I'm using the disk 
>>>images from 
>>>with the exception of boot-floppy-hfs.img, which is corrupt, 
>>>according to Disk Copy and ShrinkWrap (yes, I tried downloading it 
>>>more than once, and didn't automatically post-process it :)
>>I just downloaded and it works fine for me.  The mirror you were 
>>downloading from may have had a corrupt version.
>>Try downloading from ftp.debian.org or I've had good luck using 
>>canada's mirrors at ftp.ca.debian.org
> I take this back.  The hfs image file doesn't work with Disk Copy 
> under OS 9.  It does work with Disk Copy under OS X.  I have no idea 
> why.

Shot in the dark: don't MacOS disk images have a few bytes of some kind
of header appended in front of them?


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