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pbg4 modem wakup


I have read in the archives, that the modem of the pbg4 (titanium 1st
generation) needs some time to wake up. So I know, that some programs can
not detect the modem imediateley. But I am completely unable to wakeup my
modem and I did not find any messages of somebody who sucessfully used his
modem. I tried the following things:

- run wvdialconf several times with some seconds between in the hope that
the modem would wakeup in the first run and then work on the second one.

- tried to connect to the serial port (ttyS0) with minicom which someone
told me should wait for the modem to wakeup and work.

Can somone tell me how he managed to use his modem. How can I wakeup my

Or am I completly wrong and the 1st generation titaniums also use this
stupid softmodem?

thanks gaudenz

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