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Re: 2.4.x kernel crashing

On Thu, 2001-12-06 at 01:00, Russell Hires wrote:
> > If that was the only problem... when you're in xmon, bad things have
> > happened and everything is interrupted. Only when you exit xmon (by
> > entering 'x') does the system continue to run. So there is no filesystem
> > access in xmon.
> Typing 'x' could be bad anyway, since the whole system is down. At least it 
> would allow for an orderly shutdown? 

If it's only an oops, yes. If it's a panic, you won't be able to do
anything but force reboot after you exit xmon.

> I've got another question related to this: could it be a hardware failure on 
> my computer's part somewhere? The kind of failure that a 2.4 kernel would 
> see, where a 2.2. kernel wouldn't?

I rather doubt that. I could imagine one kernel showing hardware
problems more than another, but not that one does and the other not at

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