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About the packages. Argh base/Install Package Channel Comparison with GNU 0.2 Cross-install doesn't do much Debian GNU/Hurd Base Set Debian GNU/Hurd Base Set "gnu-19990104" available now! Debian Hurd Base system debian weekly news needs your help Doh! The scripts are here. The dpkg_hurd you need for hurd_install dpkg uploaded, hurd_inst updated etc etc etc ed, nvi, joe -- a trif^Hple for you to play with egcs or gcc? FAQ ?? Further configuration (changes from hurd_install 0.0 to 0.1) further install instructions (was: Re: Debian GNU/Hurd Base Set "gnu-19990104" available now! gdb uploaded to master incoming glibc-pre2.1-2.0.109-0.1 is released glibc-pre2.1-2.0.110 packages on master GNU inetutils Re: GNU libc snapshots work again on the Hurd gnumach-19990116 & hurd-kmsg-0.1 GRUB GRUB disk Re: GRUB: disk GRUB for Debian in general? GRUB for LS-120 Grub on P-IIs Re: help for GNU/HURD developpement Html mail Hurd architecture diagrams [was: Spamming ;)] Re: Hurd documentation roadmap Hurd not cleanly unmounting filesystems? Idiot's guide available for mirroring Idiot's guide available online Idiot's guide resumes normal service :) Idiot's guide stuck Idiot's guide (was Re: Help Getting Started) Incoming Mirrors (was: shlibs issue and packages inetutils Installation Installation Problem Installing HURD Install Log Kill missing? Re: libc soname conventions [was: libc6_2.0.106-0.1_i386.deb is released] Man power Memory Requirements Missing feature More cross-install problems :( My two (worthless) cents Native development possible now! Please test first Hurd installation script! native-install probs ncr support? Need help with netbase Network not working Network problems revisited network won't work new glibc packages New Hurd pages available for preview Re: New packages and cross-config.gnu News from QA New user for gnudist (was Re: New Hurd pages available for preview) next attempt at pretty, portable web pages Oh... Path idea perl5 not packaged, but compiled perl, gcc specs file Please upload glibc 2.0.106 to the debian site! Poisoned Gift Prevoious message A problem I can't solve problems Problems getting the .debs :( Project name pthread, g++, libstdc++? quinn diff and new packages for you to sink your teeth into Roadmap Screen porting (was Re: FAQ ??) shlibs issue and packages single user mode Some tasks for Debian people Spamming ;) state of XFree86 on hurd Success story! SUCCESS (was: "Re: ncr support?") Suggestion Thanks! trying to build egcs (on the hurd) Re: Unidentified subject! Unlucky Installation Update and things /usr mapped to / / -> /usr symlink /usr --- to link or not to link Web Pages and CVS Why GNU needn't worry [was: /usr --- to link or not to link] The last update was on 20:10 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 358 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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