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Re: News from QA

John Tobey schrieb:
> I have installed and booted with no trouble from the
> libc0.2_2.0.109-0.1 and timezones_2.0.109-0.1 packages, thank you
> Gordon.

I agree. They work. Gordon, there is still a file overlap with
> I used somewhat hacked/debugged versions of Marcus's dpkg_hurd and
> hurd_inst scripts, which are linked to from my installation page.

Horror Shock! These scripts are ancient, and shouldn´t be used any more.
I have not looked at your modifications, but please don´t use them,
don´t put them online and don´t reference them by links.

I wrote shiny and great dpkg-hurd, cross-install and native-install
scripts, which work much much better. They are in contrib/marcus on

> + md5sum gave malformatted output `a61b9f6548d337c1cc1e5a4de39f7b7f'

Mmmh. Maybe my upload is a bit broken, but it is not important.

> In case it matters, my dpkg version is, and I am running it
> on a (blush) Red Hat system.  (just copied the various dpkg* files,
> plus their required libs, start-stop-daemon, and update-rc.d from my
> Debian-2.0 machine)

Please try dpkg 1.4.1, too. No, I have not read that part about RH :)
> I'm running into some difficulties with the multi-user boot, but it
> doesn't look too hard to fix.  I probably just need to install some
> more "STRONGLY RECOMMENDED" packages.  After I get some sleep...

Multi user boot does not work cleanly right now. fsck will complain, (it
is started in some script at an obscure location), and then it goers to
single user. BUT after logging out of single user, you should enter
multi user boot w/o problems.

Please get my new scripts, John. You would do me and yourself a favour.
I don´t want to see any script with a "_" :)


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