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Re: SUCCESS (was: "Re: ncr support?")

> Do i have to settrans pflocal and pfinet every time i boot? What's the 
> prefered place to do this?

No, if you set passive translators (settrans, not settrans -a), they stay
set on the disk.

> Every time i leave the hurd (single or multiuser-boot), the fs needs a 
> fsck, and strange errors appear for /hurd/servers/socket/inet (which
> is a link into nirvana right now).

What do you mean by "leave the hurd"?  Are you running a non-hurd fsck?
Which filesystem are you using?  If ext2fs, the linux e2fsck should work
fine too.  If ufs, you cannot use a BSD fsck, only the Hurd fsck.ufs.

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