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Some tasks for Debian people


if you have a boring afternoon, you can choose among the following topics:

*  dpkg-shlibdeps: Last time I tried it, it crashed the maschine. Find out
   why and how to fix it. It is a perl script in dpkg-dev.

   This is probably related to "ldd", which also crashes sometimes.

   I suggest running the script with some perl tracing activated, for a
   start, to see where it hangs.

*  start-stop-daemons: This was a perl script but was rewritten in C for
   performance. It uses the proc filesystem and refuses to run at all when it
   can't be found. Find out why/what it does need from proc and rewrite that
   part in a compatible fashion. This is in dpkg.

*  update-alternatives: It complains sometimes that it can't setup links.
   Try installing an editor, for example. This may be related to the usr

*  install-info: I have seen "Broken Pipe" output when it is run by dpkg in
   a postinst script. Try to verify and investigate. It seems not to be
   serious, but you never know.

If you have much time, you can investigate the Init procedure. This is
related to the start-stop-daemon issue. Currently, sysvinit is not packaged.


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