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Re: Unlucky Installation


>>>>> Thomas MANGIN writes:

 TM> The problem is that I done my mkfs (ext2) with the nice -o option
 TM> (with space before hurd , without). Nothing to do the snapshot of
 TM> (now I know it is) Marcus of the 19990104 doesn t like me at all
 TM> ...

 TM> Please help me to not have a nervous break down !!

Run the e2os script (ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/hurd/misc/e2os, if you
don't already have it on your disk):

[running this under Linux is easier]
# e2os /dev/HURD-PARTITION
# e2os /dev/HURD-PARTITION hurd
# e2os /dev/HURD-PARTITION

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