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Re: Idiot's guide stuck

On Sat, Jan 16, 1999 at 12:13:39PM +0000, M.C. Vernon wrote:
> Dear all,
> 	The idiot's guide (new version) is currently on hold. This is
> becuase there are still issues that are unresolved:
> 1) do we ditch the symlink?
> I think so, and this seems to be the consensus. HOwever, until Gordon has
> time to deal with rpaths in glibc (NB - I am not nagging you Gordon :) ),
> my dpkg won't work. I don't think I should change the idiot's guide until
> dpkg works...

No, we don't ditch it. We offer both ways as alternatives. Try to explain
the issue in the idiot guide.
> 2) Can I do anything useful now?
> I've tried cross-compiling several things now, but have yet to get very
> far. I guess I'll have to wait for native builds to be possible.
> btw - what does the make-cross package do?

It is intended to set up a cross compilation environment, but it is better
to use Santiagos i386-gnu-gcc package, which is based on make-cross.

Note that getting a usable cross compilation setup is not as easy as it
looks, it took us some time to get all small bells and whistles in it.
Furthermore, I have some nice scripts which make it easier/possible to use
the Debian tools, which are not in public, yet (but see below).

I could document it, but we are so close to native building that it doesn't
look worth it.

What can you do? I have posted a list of things to be done in the Debian
scripts, you could look into that. You could also investigate why
find ...|xargs always returns the error "too many command line arguments"

I would like to resolve all known bugs in the base system before we move on.

Are you a registered Debian developer? In this case you can look into my
proposal to enhance the Debian building process for the Hurd and second it
(if you support it). The adress is


If I don't get two seconders, nothing will happen. If I get, there is a twqo
weeks discussion time before it is approved (or not). If it does not get
approved, we face a dilemma :) Please only _second_ the proposal if you indeed
are a registered Debian developer, or the policy group will hurt you :)


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