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Re: /usr --- to link or not to link

On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 at 12:37:43AM +0000, M.C. Vernon wrote:
> > I have thought about this some before and am very much in favor of
> > making /usr a real directory which is optionally a separate filesystem
> > IN DEBIAN HURD.  It is very nice that the Hurd is flexible enough not
> > to require /usr, but let's face it: the Debian operating system
> > requires it.
> Distribution. It's important to be precise here - debian needs the /usr
> directory because some scripts we may port will rely on / != /usr

Yes, Matthew is correct. We may want to isolate the packages which break,
but this is beyond our current manpower capabilities.

I don't want to enforce this, everybody is free to make usr a link, but
he/she owns both halves if it breaks. I would welcome any effort to dig out
these problems, though, and if somebody has found a problem or has a
question, he is welcome to ask me or on the list.
> > Let's just add that (removal of /usr) to the list of things to do
> > (along with renaming /etc as /conf) when we decide to ditch Unix
> > compatibility for whatever reason.
> Is this a suitable aim? ditching *NIX compatibility, I mean.

It's okay if the Hurd programs don't run on other unicies. I would not like
it if you can't make a unix program work on the Hurd at all.

At some point we have to be brave enough and say: We have followed long
enough, now we will go beyond emulation and try to improve. It's a long way


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