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Re: Idiot's guide available online

"M.C. Vernon" wrote:

> Hmph. It will be back at its rightful home (pick.sel.cam.ac.uk) from
> Saturday (hopefully 10am local time), and will then be updated by me to
> deal with the nice shiny new debian packages. Sorry to be grumpy, but I
> did explain all of this on this list at the end of last term....

My intent has been to archive or mirror documents/list messages such as this to
www.gnu.org (with proper acknowledgements).  There are, however, some documents
that will remain as links to other web sites.  Would you prefer that references
to the "Idiot's Guide..." be included as links to your site?  Or may I mirror
them to gnu.org from your site?  In the latter case, I will still consider your
site the gold copy (and state so by the local link) for this document and update
it periodically (probably weekly) from your site.

Also, for the latter case you should include a short copywrite notice at the
bottom of the document.  Of course, it's preferable to apply the GPL to it.

Thanks for the guide, BTW, it's very useful.

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