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Installation Problem


I tryed to install Hurd using the idiot guide and the filesystem snapshot on
apha.gnu.org (made by gordon ?) the 04 january. Trying this I got some trouble
even if the hardware was correctly (as far as I know it) detected.

Partition on Linux:
hda1 windows FAT32
hda4 linux ext2 hurd
hda3 linux swap
hda2 linux native

I taped this:

ok ext2 founded
kernel=/boot/gnumach root=hs0s0 -s
Loading: [format=Multiboot-elf, <0x100000 : 0xfd886 : 0x0>,
<0x1fe888 : 0x14449 : 0x22bcc>, entry=0x100000]

I got

... 32 bit bios
Probing PCI hardware
ide: i82371 PIIX (Triton) on PCI bus 0 function 33
  ide0: DM-DMA at 0xb800 - 0xb807
  ide1: DM-DMA at 0xb808 - 0xb80f
hda: SAMSUNG VG38404 (8.40GB)m 8056 MB w/490kB Cache, CHS=1024/255/63, UDMA
hda: IRQ probe failed (0)
hdb: IRQ probe failed (0)
ide0 at 0x1F0-0x1F7, 0x3F6 on IRQ 14
Floppy drive is 1.44M
FDC 0 is post-1991 82077
... (No scsi)
ne.c: PCI Bios report NE 2000 clone at i/o 0xa800 irq 10
ne.c : v1.10 by ...
NE*2000 ethercard prob at 0xa800 : 00 40 05 E3 CB CB
eth0: NE2000 found at 0xa800, using IRQ 10
eth1: D-Link DE-600 Pack Adapter : not at I/O 0x378
D-Link DE-600 Pack Adapter not identified in printer port
Partition check
  hda: hda1 hda2 hda3 hda4
COM0: at atbus0 port 3f8 spl=6, pic=4
COM1: at atbus1 port 2f8 spl=6, pic=3
Can't open server boot script /dev/hs0s0/boot/servers.boot

But the file exists ...

Any suggestion will be welcome


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