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Re: / -> /usr symlink

> No. I have to object strongly, not because I would not like to see this
> discussed, but because I don't see a good outcome.
> It sounds strange, but I will already get problems with the needed changes
> for Hurd support without such conflicts. It may sound strange, but for some
> developers, porters seem to be second class citiziens. I am a bit afraid
> that Hurd people will be considered third class citizens, if we try too
> strongly to move Linux in direction of the Hurd.

Yes - we need to be linux-compatible to begin with.
> I feel a bit sad about this situation, and I want to avoid unnecessary
> conflicts. In particular, asking about the /usr symlink is unneccessary
> because it is ___unavoidable___ on Linux. Linux can only mount one
> filesystem on one mount point, and to distribute among multiple partitions,
> usr can't be a symlink to root.

> The only thing we can do for now is to submit patches for individual
> packages, and hope that the maintainer of these packages are willing to add
> them, until we get more people interested in the Hurd.

I agree

> Later, we can think about essential additions to Debian policy. We should do
> this when we have more experience and know which the important issues are,
> and when we have more people working on and supporting it.

Quite - gently, gently is needed in this regard.

> I hope I am exaggerating here, and most Debian developers will consider the
> Hurd a good thing. However, remember we are strangers in a Linux world.

IJ seems genuinly interested, which is probably a good sign.
> I feel really worried at the moment, sorry, I have had some strange email
> exchange about the Hurd port which made me nervous. In addition, I am sick,
> so don't expect too much happiness (and work) from me the next days.

:( get well soon.
> PS: Maybe I am just disappointed by the fact that I have put a _lot_ of
> effort in the base system around New Year, and now my patches are not as
> appreciated as I would like them to be by some people.

I think they're great.



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