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Re: Project name

On Wed, Jan 27, 1999 at 06:42:23PM -0200, Lalo Martins wrote:
> [#include <not.subscribed.to.this.list.please.cc.replies.h>]
> I don't know if this was discussed already (I did search the
> archives), but the name "Debian GNU/Hurd" is veeery wrong :-)

Very wrong? I don't understand what is wrong about it. Maybe it is
redundant in your context, but wrong?
> "GNU/Linux" essentially means "GNU system with Linux dumped in
> as the kernel"; Hurd is implied in a "true" GNU system. For
> those mathematically inclined, {1,2,3} + {1} = {1,2,3}.
> Maybe this is nitpicking, but "Debian GNU" looks much nicer
> doesn't it?

We are a bit verbose and superfluent. So what?

Call it Debian if you like. Call it Debian GNU/Hurd. Call it Debian GNU
_only_ if you mean the GNU software, as Debian is not officially part of
GNU or FSF (let's not go into depth, it's a long story, and there are signs
of cooperation again by now).

But let me tell this: Debian GNU/Hurd is much better, because people will
wonder about the hurd, and get curious.

I study Math since almost three years at university, and for half my life
privately. I can't see what is wrong with union({1,2,3},{1})={1,2,3}.
Sometimes, you have to use superfluent presentations to be more clear and
get understood.


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