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Re: A problem I can't solve

> > Well, then we think alike.  A package that installed both /usr/bin/foo and
> > /bin/foo would have to be perverse, in my opinion.  Both are searched by
> > default, so one is as good as the other, except when /usr is not mounted.
> Well, the point is that usr/lib -> /lib will cause less to none problems
> than /usr -> /, because we map much less back tot he root filesystem, and
> conflicts in lib directories are less expected than problems in bin
> directories.
> However, this is all moot if we can add support for /usr/lib to the linker
> easily, which we should do in the Debian packages, IMHO.

Indeed. Can this be done RSN?
> > Recall now that all of this was prompted by a package that did just that.
> > So go figure.  
> This is not correct. I know at least one packages which does install the
> same directories in lib and /usr/lib (the libc5-compat package, which
> fortunately doesn't apply to the Hurd), but I don't know of any files.
> Which package do you mean? The original report was about /usr/lib not being
> searched.

Bringing me back to the original question - is there a way to fix this or
do I have to ln -s /usr/lib /lib?


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