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perl, gcc specs file


I compiled "proper" perl packages. perl-debug is not packaged, and the
packages were hacked together partly manually, so they could be broken (they
install and work fine, as far as I can see, though), so I will not upload
them to debian, but to alpha.gnu.org in the pub/gnu/hurd/debian directory.

The perl5_hurd-i386.tar.gz is the _obsolete_ and should not be used anymore.

If you have already a working Debian system, you can install perl with dpkg.
perl-base is the only one required, but perl does contain most of the Perl

The gcc specs file in my gcc packages is wrong (I screwed more or less
completely, it seems, despite Mike's warning when announcing glibc 2).
I upload a good one to my contrib/marcus directory on alpha. I don't feel
like uploading a new gcc package for this file only (but I reckognize it's a
bug and will upload a new package later).

Just dump it in /lib/gcc-lib/i386-gnu/ if you want to compile


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