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Need help with netbase


did I say I package netbase? Forget about it :)

This package is highly Linux specific. The only thing that compiled cleanly
was inetd. tcp_wrappers compiled almost, but that's it. Neither route,
ifconfig nor other things did even compile, because they rely heavily on
linux kernel heeaders.

So, someone has to reimplement this, or otherwise hack around it.

I build a very very minimal netbase, which has at least fine configuration
files and inetd. I don't upload it to the Debian site (should I?). Instead,
it will be in ftp://alpha.gnu.org/pub/gnu/hurd/debian

Someone please test if at least inetd works, you have to start it manually
though (I think), and if the conf files are okay.

I think netbase should be added to the list of packages which have to be
mainatined seperately from the Linux version :)


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