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Re: Idiot's guide available online

"M.C. Vernon" wrote:

> Mirroring is fine, though I like the hits :).

I understand.  I'm going to mirror it but suggest that you put something prominent
like "Official site : <your url>" at the top of it.  Many people will make their way
there to make sure they are looking at the latest.

> > Also, for the latter case you should include a short copywrite notice at the
> > bottom of the document.  Of course, it's preferable to apply the GPL to it.
> OK - can someone check I've GPL'd it OK? I've not done that before :)

Take a look at section 1.4 of the FAQ
(http://www.corridor.com/~sfavor/debian-gnu-hurd-faq/gnu-hurd-faq-1.html#ss1.4).  Cut
and paste this substituting your name for mine and you've got it.

> > Thanks for the guide, BTW, it's very useful.
> Thanx. It'll be updated once I've got through 515 emails.....

Happy reading...

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