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Re: A problem I can't solve

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Roland McGrath wrote:

> > Yes, I believe the dynamic linker uses the directories in its own
> > RPATH as defaults:
> No, it does not.  The default path is hard-coded when building glibc
> (see default-rpath in Makeconfig).

So: do I need to ask Gordon to recompile glibc including /usr/lib as the
default-rpath? I think for the time being we should go with /usr not being
a symlink to / . I know hurd can have overlay directories and so on, but
this will just create difficulties in porting. We can always change later,
but I think keeping a linux-like feel for the time being is a good think.

Alternatively, I could make /lib a symlink to /usr/lib, but I think this
is the inferior solution in the long run. I have to wait for Gordon's
views on the subject


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