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Re: New Hurd pages available for preview

Matthias Pfisterer wrote:

> I've assembled the new web pages for the Hurd. They can preview under
> http://www.gnu.org/software/hurdtest/hurd.html.

Under netscape 4.5, the index (rightmost frame) yields blue text (the links) on
black background which is difficult to read.

> Note that the pages are not yet under CVS. This will hopefully happen
> soon (I installed Debian GNU/Linux on my main computer, but din't get
> the ISDN card working yet).

If it becomes a choice between getting CVS going and publishing these, feel free
to just copy them into place on gnu.org.  I'll be able to tell what changed and
check things in, etc.

> - Are there local copies of the FAQs and the Idiot's guide on
> www.gnu.org?

I should have the FAQs moved over sometime this week.  If this has gone online
before I get to it, I'll find and change all links to corridor.com when I check
things in;  otherwise, I'll post the URLs on gnu.org.

I'll also take a look at mirroring the Idiot's Guide to gnu.org.

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