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New Hurd pages available for preview


I've assembled the new web pages for the Hurd. They can preview under

I'd like you to comment on them before they are released finally. Please
report about thing like:
- non-working links
- missing copyright notices
- browsers that have problems with the colors
- and any other errors, flaws and inconsistencies

Note that the pages are not yet under CVS. This will hopefully happen
soon (I installed Debian GNU/Linux on my main computer, but din't get
the ISDN card working yet).

Some small questions arose while doing work on the pages:

- The pattern for the copyright notice (boilerplate) states copyright
1998. Should this be updated to 1999?

- Are there local copies of the FAQs and the Idiot's guide on

- There recently was an update to the Hurd reference manual. Has it been
incorporated in the online versions?

- Is the Idiot's guide up to date? It looks like, but I'm not shure
since I havn't seen an anouncement.

- There is Hurd support in XFree86 3.3.3. Has it been tested with
up-to-date Hurd systems, so that we can faithfully recommend it?

I would like to hear from you.

-- Matthias

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