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Re: Unlucky Installation

On Mon, Jan 25, 1999 at 09:09:58AM +0100, Thomas MANGIN wrote:
> Finnaly, I must be cursed !!
> I can now boot under Hurd for the first time !!! Alleluia !!
> BUT, when I lauch the install script I am warned that my partition is
> not own by "hurd".

Are you sure? If your file system is not owned by Hurd, you will get crypt
ERRORS, but never warnings. Or are you referring to the following text:

echo Now I set up the translators. If you get Operation not supported
echo errors, you have forgotten to set the file system owner to \"hurd\"!
Note the conditional. ONLY IF you get error messages, you have not the owner
hurd. If the script runs without errors, there is no problem.

Thank you,
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