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Re: New packages and cross-config.gnu

   I have recently added some useful extra functionality to the Hurd's sync
   program, but in its canonical use with no arguments it is just the same as
   the usual Unix version that calls the `sync' function.  Since I just added
   these options days ago, there is nothing that depends on them.  I think it
   is fine for sync to be the old one from fileutils.  I will rename the Hurd
   program to `syncfs' or something like that (the new argument parsing I
   added lets you sync particular filesystems rather than everything, and
   control the flags in the Hurd RPC).

Sounds great, but ...

... last time I accidently replaced my Hurd sync with the one from
fileutils it didn't work adn my system hung on it.  I haven't
investigated it because the standard Hurd sync works fine, but you
might want to check this before renaming it.


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