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Re: Man power

On Wed, Jan 20, 1999 at 05:08:36PM +0100, Frederic Peters wrote:
> I just installed a minimal Hurd system and it will leave the 'minimal'
> state as soon as I have time to download gcc and other big packages.
> Then I'll be able to create packages since I'm already registered as
> a Debian developper.

> Is there a list of really needed packages somewhere ?

Yes, in my head :)

The really needed package at the moment is egcs. If you can't do it the next
days, I will probably beat you in time, because we need this for C++

>From there, you can go in every direction. Pick up portable software, first,
for example GNU software, especially from section devel. Emacs is also
wanted "dead or alive". If you don't have the ressources for big packages,
don't worry, as I have access to systems with lots of disk space and memory,
pick smaller packages in this case.

So, egcs, emacs, gettext, a couple of libraries, and whatever you like.

After you have made yourself familiar with the Hurd, you can try to get your
hands dirty on some troublesome packages, like init&login. Those need some
_discussion_, preperation, and adjustments.

If you want something to sink your teeth in, try X 3.3.3, it has some hurd

Are you cross compiling? In either case I have to documt some adjustments
necessary, I think.


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