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Re: ncr support?

> i'm trying to install the gnu-19990104.tar.gz tarball. I followed all
> the orders i could find, but it seems that the /boot/gnumach kernel
> cannot detect my ncr53c8xx adapter.
> Linux 2.0.36 dmesg looks like that:
> ncr53c8xx: at PCI bus 0, device 10, function 0
> ncr53c8xx: 53c810 detected 
> ncr53c810-0: rev=0x02, base=0xe1800000, io_port=0x6100, irq=11
> ncr53c810-0: ID 7, Fast-10, Parity Checking
> ncr53c810-0: restart (scsi reset).
> scsi0 : ncr53c8xx - revision 3.1c
> The ncr bios is part of my motherboard, the pci card is dumb.
> I installed the hurd on sda1 (sda2 is reserved for swap).
> icmp:~ # mount
> /dev/hda6 on / type ext2 (rw)
> /dev/hda8 on /usr type ext2 (rw)
> /dev/sdb1 on /home type ext2 (rw)
> /dev/sda1 on /hurd type ext2 (rw)
> /dev/hda1 on /c type vfat (rw)
> /dev/hda5 on /d type vfat (rw)
> I can't spare a IDE partition right now. I use the following grub
> (0.5) commands to boot the gnu image:
> root=(hd1,0)
> kernel=/boot/gnumach root=/dev/sd1s1 -s

that should be sd0s1.

> module=/boot/serverboot
> boot
> ps: /etc/fstab contains one line: "/dev/sd1s1 / ext2 rw 1 1" Is this
>     correct or needed?


Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo

Steward of the Cambridge Tolkien Society
Selwyn College Computer Support

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