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Re: base/Install Package

> On Thu, Jan 14, 1999 at 02:32:51PM -0700, Max wrote:
> > Ok, the two problems I noticed with the base package when I installed it
> > last night:
> > no /etc/fstab, so fsck will always halt, giving as single user boot.
> > Quite easy to fix
> > <root device> / ext2fs defaults 1 1
> > Perhaps that should be part of a first time install script (ie, native
> > install)
> Yes, thanks for the example, I'll include.

The idiot's guide has an example.
> > Second, /etc/protocols would be nice: (Here are the main important
> > entries)
> > An example resolv.conf would be useful, but not strictly neccesary.
> > I didn't check if /etc/services is there.
> You already mentioned netbase :) I tried to cross compile it, but the
> Makefile didn't honour CC, so it didn't work. I had not time to investigate,
> I think I will simply try a native build. Expect something tomorrow.

Is native building possible? I was under the impression something in dpkg
had to be fixed first....


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