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Re: FAQ ??

On Wed, Jan 27, 1999 at 11:27:05AM +0100, mil Thomas MANGIN wrote:
> 1-
> No bash is automaticly lauch on boot and some system environment values
> are not set ($HOME) How to do this ..

/bin/sh is loaded by default at boot time (in single user). this is usually
a symlnk to /bin/bash.
> 3-
> ps command is not working on my system .. quite problematic ..

Make sure you use the "ps" in the Hurd package, it should work.

And EVER post a detailed error description "doesn't work" does not say
anything to us, and we can't help then.
> 4- (and last for today)
> how to create virtual screen like under Linux. which device must be
> created as a tty already exist an the creation of a tty0 and tty1
> introduced problems

Not implemented. I will try to port screen ASAP, so you can at least work
with several terminals.


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