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Re: Problems getting the .debs :(

On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 at 12:52:07AM +0000, M.C. Vernon wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > The problem is not the software, this may cause problems, too. I mean the
> > Debian build process, it has its own quirks. there is a standard procedure
> > me and Santiago have carefully developed to build Hurd packages. This is
> > still evolving, and a proposal to incorporate the experiences in the Debian
> > build tools is under way.
> Can you remind me of what this is? I printed Santiago's old how to port
> emails, and then there was something about dpkg-cross, and you posted a
> config file, but I seem to have lost the plot :(
> (privatly if you like to avoid burdening the list with my ignorance)
> <fx: asks God for a second brain>


(1) make sure you have i386-gnu-gcc package.
(2) make sure you have libc.so in gcc directory.
(3) make sure you have a good specs file.
(4) make sure you have dpkg-cross.
(5) make sure you have the dpkg-genchanges patch.
(6) make sure you have a dpkg wrapper which returns "hurd-i386" if asked
    about "--print-architecture".
(7) make sure you have turned all absolute links in /gnu/lib in relative
    links (and remember to check after each *-dev package upgrade/installation)
(8) make sure you have good /etc/dpkg/cross-compile and
(9) call dpkg-buildpackage -ahurd-i386 -B -rfakeroot  (-uc -us)

(2), (3) should be adressed in (1), I hope Santiago found the time to do it.
(5) should be done by Ian J. or a NMU by me if he has not the time.
(6) is obsolete as soon as my proposal is implemented in dpkg (see
(7) this is a bit boring. Someone can write a script for that?
(8) I should update my files and post them. Especially the cross-config.gnu
    needs some careful entries, which take a lot of time to get.

If you built natively, look at the build target in debian/rules, and try to
run it (modulo cross compile changes). Then boot to Linux and run (9) but
with an additional "-nc" option. This is not guaranteed to work.

This is from the top of my head, but it should lead you on the right track.
As you can see, it is not easy, and there is no cookie cutter approach.

When my proposal has passed the policy maintainers, and native
dpkg-shlibdeps works, you can forget (1)-(8) and build natively with
"dpkg-buildpackage -B". This will last at two or three weeks at least, I
suspect. Maybe you want to wait, maybe not.

If you have questions about individual points, let me know.


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