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Re: single user mode


>>>>> Stephen Crowley writes:

 SC> I'm new to hurd but I'm interested in helping out with the port,
 SC> just got it installed an hour ago and had a few questions. First,
 SC> how do I setup tcp/ip?

Check out the idiot's guide, under the ``make devices, and more
configuration'' section: http://pick.sel.cam.ac.uk/~mcv21/hurd.html.

 SC> Second, Is there a way to boot into multi-user mode or does it
 SC> not work yet?

That's also explained in the guide.

 SC> And last, why does libc6 have such a weird name, libc0.2 ?

Because the Hurd's glibc ABI is not yet compatible with Linux's, and
developed independently.  If/when it becomes compatible, we will
change the soname to libc.so.6, but until then, we want to avoid the
messes that would be caused by using the same soname for incompatible

 SC> Please forgive me if there is a FAQ explaining this stuff.

No problem...

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