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Path idea

All of you have a very strong Unix oriented view of OS (that is normal
for Hurd devel) but I really have the impression that you dont really
want to change things.
Whatever you think about the Unix floder organisation (even if logical)
is a fucking mess. (too much things are cross-linked or split between :
/sbin, /bin, /usr/bin/, /usr/sbin, /usr/local/bin, ...)
And the reason is that there are too many application to fit properly in
one place.

On anothre side, I perfectly understood that to create hurd you have to
work under Linux but your discution about /usr
reminds me somehing I saw in inferno OS (a long time ago)
it was possible to lauch application like this
> editor/vi
> wm/start
I mean extending the PATH already set.

I had found that a wonderful idea.

 I know it it is utopia. But I hope to be explained why my point of view
must be eradicated forever cleary.

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