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Native development possible now! Please test first Hurd installation script!


a happy new year to everyone!!!

We have a first success. Debian GNU/Hurd is now so far that you can start
with native development. I uploaded all necessary packages, and they will be
installed in the archive soon.

To proof this, the packages "gcc", "cpp", "gcc-docs", "g++272" and
"binutils" I upload today were built _natively_ under the Hurd.

I attach to scripts, hurd_inst and hurd_inst2. The former you must run under
Linux (or similar Unix), and give it a path to an already created and
mounted hurd partition as well as a path to your repository of hurd packages
(a directory with a couple of *.deb files). The deb packages you need are
mentioned in the script, but they are not checked. The latter is run after a
reboot under the Hurd system. It sets up translators and device files.

WARNING: *I did not test these scripts at all.* Maybe it does not work well,
maybe there are typos etc, so check first before running them. I can't test
the script right now, because I ran short of disk space (reason is that I
keep much of the build trees of my packages for the hurd, so I can check
my changes and rebuild if there are errors. I will clean them later, when
I know I don't need them anymore). Any help with these scripts is appreciated.

There are a couple of issues with the packages, which will be fixed over
time. Some of them were mentioned in prior mail, some I did not mention at
all. The script should addresse quite a lot of the important ones.

There is soo much missing, for example, the current base installation has no
Debian "personality" at all. The boot procedure is not addressed yet, and we
need perl and dpkg. However, with the current set of packages, you CAN do
active development, so NOW is the time to install the hurd if you are a
lurker on this list. Have fun, and report all unknown errors back to me,
this list, or bug-hurd (dependant on the type of the error of course).

Thank you,

PS: I need to build and upload a new fileutils, so you may want to wait a
day or two.

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