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Re: Problems getting the .debs :(

> The 106-0.3 should be in the archive, or they were delayed or rejected. If you
> can't get them, use 106-0.2 or make Gordon upload them to alpha...

OK - I got 106-0.2. from the uk mirror (phew)
> Sorry. Slang was rejected because it was an old version. Either get the tar
> ball (in it is my old version), or wait for me to upload slang1.

How long is this likely to be? I'd like to use all the .debs, but I also
want to update the idiot's guide pretty soon, which I'm not prepared to do
until I've tried it (for obvious reasons) :)
> This means you can't use ae too, if you are not using my tar ball.
> > timezones: on alpha.... I'll get the 109 version
> 109? Hey, I missed it! Gordon has done some work, it seems.

Ah - sunsite (UK) has only the 106 version. I'll look again tommorow.
> > Where can I get the two I can't find, and are there any mirrors of
> > alpha.gnu.org?
> Matthias mailed you a mirror. I would love to see some list of alpha
> mirrors in europe. 

If you're in Germany, try sunsite (UK, but quicker than US). Maybe on the
german sunsite mirror?



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