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Re: FAQ ??

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, M.C. Vernon wrote:

> On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, mil Thomas MANGIN wrote:
> > how to create virtual screen like under Linux. which device must be
> > created as a tty already exist an the creation of a tty0 and tty1
> > introduced problems
> Port screen :)

I had a go at it, and much to my surprise it compiled fine.  It
doesn't do much when I try to run it though, and I have a feeling that
it might have something to do with the term[cap|info] stuff.  I'm
quite clueless when it comes to these sorts of things though, so
please don't assume that anything I say is worth much. :-)  I haven't
had much time to play around with it lately, but I'll post a message
if I'd get something to work.

BTW, if anyone's interested: groff (1.11a) compiled fine and works.
Makes reading the man pages a bit more pleasant.


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