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Success story!

I couldn't get ftpfs to work for the life of me, but I managed to get my
HURD bawx to talk to my linux via NFS.  This does several things a) No
reboots neccesary to install a package (Before I had to boot to Linux on
the HURD machine to mount the filesystem and copy the deb over.) b) The
networking does in fact, work!  Looking forward to netbase so I don't have
to do the monitor switch boogie! c) Perhaps no reboots neccesary to
package packages, when/if I learn how to do this.

BTW, thanks for everyone's help during my first few days of struggles with
the HURD  I must say, this is the coolest OS I've ever ran, and I'm sure
it will only become more so as we get tools  I also broke down and
downloaded all of gnu02 last night (That took a while) so I may be able to
etract some tolls from there for temporary use.

Going to work somewhat Happy,

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