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Re: Need help with netbase

>Kunihiro: thanks for your work in this area, but it looks like Thomas
>now wants to do things differently.  The RPC interface you implemented
>was written before he and Roland decided that command-line arguments
>were the best way to pass parameters to a translator.

Thanks.  Mr. Uchiyama also commented to me the same thing.  To modify
configuration such as address/netmask/gateway, fsysopts is enough.
I'm implementing ifconfig in such a way.

>You are right in that there will still need to be statistic-requesting
>RPCs, even if basic configuration parameters are set using settrans
>and fsysopts.

Yes, I try to write ifconfig as a simple shell script which calls
fsysopts but I fail...  For example ifconfig -a show's all interface's
information but I can't get enough interface information by
fsysopts/settrans like method.  I think it'll still need some kind of

>If you don't understand what I mean by the above paragraph, we can
>talk about it more on bug-hurd.

This message is cross posting to bug-hurd.  Would you mind to reply
only to bug-hurd?  I understand this is not debian related issue.

>I'll take a look at your patches, Kunihiro, and comment on them as
>soon as I have time.  Of course, keep in mind that I'm only a
>second-tier developer, so if Thomas or Roland gets to you first, you
>can take their words as better advice.

Thanks, I'm waiting for the comments ;-).
Kunihiro Ishiguro

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