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Re: A problem I can't solve

> Well, it would seem heretical to infect a Hurd-specific part of glibc
> with the string "/usr", unless perhaps we have vendor=debian.  I vote
> for /usr/lib -> /lib and crossing our fingers.

There isn't really any hurd-specific part of glibc in question, in fact.
default-rpath is controlled by the libdir and slibdir you configure glibc
to install in.  If the debian-hurd system is going to use a layout with a
/usr dichotomy, then it seems appropriate for the debian-hurd glibc package
to use slibdir=/lib and libdir=/usr/lib, as done on linux.

The /usr/lib -> /lib symlink is likely to have the same kinds of issues as
/usr -> / does (/usr/lib/foo vs /lib/foo in one package), so if you decide
to punt the /usr symlink then I don't see why you wouldn't just punt the
unified layout entirely.

(Note that I have not offered an opinion on /usr vs not.)

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