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Re: New Hurd pages available for preview

Hi Matthias,

The homepage has:
   A list of Debian packages that have ported to the Hurd.
                                     ^^^ missing "been".

The list is unfortunately very outdated and obsolete.

Please use the following instead:

   The <A HREF="http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd";>Debian Ports page</A>
   contains more information about the porting progress of Debian to the Hurd.

Currently, this points to the same location, but this will be changed later,
and then you don't have to change your side.

Really soon, there will be hardly any reason to use GNU-0.2 distribution
anymore. Only thing needed are e2fsprogs, emacs, c++ and some other stuff.
So you may want to give Debian GNU/Hurd more priority by mentioning it

* GNU developer ftp directory (some packages has to be fetched from there)
                              ...sometimes packages have to be...

I hope we can soon merge all installation manuals to one complete manual.

About X: This has not too much priority right now. But X is certainly the
next thing after getting the base system production ready.


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