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trying to build egcs (on the hurd)


I try to build egcs on the Hurd currently. Your rules files are very nice,
and required only very little changes (I'll send you a patch when I'm

However, I had two problems:

* I deactivated gpc, is this okay? I saw that the Alpha port does it, too.
The reason was compiler errors about "no + or - following compiler
directives" in pascal source files. Very weired error indeed. Maybe I should
try again after having installed egcs packages...

* The configure step does not prepare libio/libstd++/libg++ for building. In
fact, they are not build. After the "make bootstrap" completed, the build
stops because there is no $(LIBBUILDDIR)/i386-gnu/libio directory. Seems to
be a problem with the subpackages. Do you have a hint where to search for the
cause? Is this an architecture problem (that is, some "case" needs to be
done for "*-gnu" architectures?)? How is this sub packages part supposed to

Btw, we will use egcs for gcc and g++.

Thanks for your fine work,

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