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Re: Hurd documentation roadmap

Okay, I've lined out everything for the Hurd web pages.  These are now under
CVS.  Anyone with a login on www.gnu.org should be able to access them with:

% export CVSROOT=:pserver:<username>@www.gnu.org:/home/www/cvs
% cvs login
<enter password>
% cvs get -d hurd-html html/software/hurd

See cvs(1) for more commands.  You can also edit/copy over the web pages in place
if you like.  I'll notice that they've changed and do the proper CVS things to
archive them.  Anything you commit remotely will be updated nightly at midnight.

Matthias Pfisterer wrote:

> it was necessary to have a completely new structure. I made two
> prototypes for a new structure which can be viewed at
> http://chianti.philosophie.uni-stuttgart.de/~matthias/hurd. Please take
> a look at them and comment. The pages are not fully-working, some links

I think #2 would be a good starting point.  Note that all of these pages need a
copyright notice at the bottom.  Use  http://www.gnu.org/boilerplate.html as a
template.  Also, read through http://www.gnu.org/server/fsf-html-style-sheet.html
and make sure everything is close to the GNU web server guidelines.  Also note
that the main page is hurd.html (not index.html).  Unless anyone has any
objections or additional discussion ensues, feel free to bring these online.

My todo list now includes:
1) Add a developer's page to help coordinate our efforts
2) Update the "Hurd Folk" page
3) Move/mirror the FAQs and other pertinent documents to www.gnu.org

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