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Re: New packages and cross-config.gnu

On Thu, Dec 31, 1998 at 03:51:48PM +0100, Mark Kettenis wrote:
> I assume you mean adding Hurd support to shellutils/fileutils.  Well I
> don't think that's appropriate.  `su' is a totally different beast on
> the Hurd, and much more powerful.  BTW, keep in mind that you can't do
> `su -c COMMAND' to execute COMMAND as root, I don't know if any debian
> scripts use this.

Yes, some cron jobs use "su user -c" to execute cron jobs as special user.
Everyone seems to agree that the hurd su should be renamed to something

>  `uptime' comes almost for free (it is a shell
> script that calls `w -u'.  `sync' is an almost trivial program, but
> including it in fileutils would mean we lose the nice `argp' parsing.
> I will ask Jim Meyering if it is possible to not install the programs
> on the Hurd.

Ok. Please ask him and keep me CC'ed. I have a patch ready to do this during
the Debian packaging, but doing this upstream is IMHO more correct (that is,
if the Hurd sync is really backward compatible).


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