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Re: network won't work

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, M.C. Vernon wrote:

> Dear all,
> 	I've got the newer hurd up, but when I try and settrans the
> network, I get
> /servers/socket/2: device or resource busy :(
> Anyone got this working?

I was having problems with it.  I booted to linux, rm'2 and inet, then
booted to hurd and brought them back:

settrans -c 2 /hurd/pfinet etc. etc.
ln -s 2 inet

It seems to work on my system.

On another note.. where is the permanent settrans entries stored?  I
figure they must be stored somehwere to be permanent across reboots.  It's
it part of the filesystem?  Is it hidden in the depths of some long tree

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