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Re: Installing HURD

> I read  "The idiot's guide to installing Hurd on a linux box.".

:) Is it helpful?

> Unfortuantely I couldn't find the file mentioned (gnu-0.2.tar.gz) on
> alpha.gnu.org or on ftp.gnu.org or ftp.debian.org.  Perhaps I'm blind.

> Second, is there any way to install HURD without a linux box.  I've
> currently got an empty partition sitting on my Win95 machine.  I used
> tomsrtbt (an excellent minilinux) to mke2fs.  I got a GRUB boot disk from

Did you make it -o hurd? otherwise hurd won't work.

> alpha.gnu.org.../hurd/boot (I did manage to get hurd running form a
> floppy, but from there, I was a bit lost. :)

Yeah - that was just GRUB....
You need to copy the tar across (as the idiot's guide says) to have a
working hurd system.


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