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Re: shlibs issue and packages


>>>>> Joel Klecker writes:

 JK> At 3:03 PM -0600 1/20/99, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
 >> The next glibc packages that I upload will have a proper shlibs
 >> file.

 JK> That's not my fault is it?

No, not your fault.  I just didn't merge your debian/shlibs rule

 JK> BTW, can you change the maintainer field in debian/control.in?

It would be easiest if you put your glibc-pre2.1/debian directory into
a tar.gz, and mailed it to me or put it up for FTP/HTTP somewhere.
Then, I can do a better job of merging my latest changes and providing
you with a diff.

I'd like to do this because I probably have made more changes than you
have since we last talked.


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