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Re: Spamming ;)

Le ven, 22 jan 1999, Thomas MANGIN a écrit :
>>I am trying to understand the way Hurd works, thsi include :
> - relation between Hurd and Mach
> - relation between Hurd/Mach and the Hardware
> - Main differences between Hurd and any Traditionnal Unix and
>programming implications
> - ...
>I didnt found any paper clear enough to understand all (all I can of
>If someone can indicate me some clear document, this would drive be
>happy. If none exist (I am not doing research in microkenel) at my level
>(4 years studies in computer science, interrest for OS) All the paper I
>saw was too technical, unclear and concentrated on one subject (Mach,
>Fluke, ...) but nothing on the design of Hurd.

Go to:

Bye, Mt.

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